Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well, and had a great Memorial Day weekend. I spent the long weekend in Seattle, Washington, exploring a new city with old friends. It was an amazing trip from start to finish, and even though I jam-packed my 72 hours with tons of exploring, I already want to go back ASAP to check out everything I wasn’t able to see this time around. For now, I’ve compiled a list of the top sights and bites for anyone wondering what to do in this awesome city. So without further ado, here’s Veesass’ travel guide to Seattle.

Space Needle


Seattle’s most popular landmark, you have to stop by the Space Needle to see it in person. Since I am a strong advocate of saving coins and traveling frugally, I actually don’t recommend going up the Space Needle itself. I mean, when you’re trying to get a photo of the Seattle skyline, you’d ideally want the Space Needle in the photo right! Luckily, you can get a great (and free!) view of the Space Needle from Kerry Park.


Dick’s Drive-in

Basically, when it’s 2 A.M., and you’re desperate for some french fries, Dick’s Drive-In is your safe haven. Treat yourself to a milkshake, a burger and some greasy fries (the best kind), all for less than $10! Or in my case, have a feast and do a happy dance. As I always say, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow.”



Fremont Troll

So, apparently trolls are a thing in Seattle, specifically in the Fremont neighborhood. The neighbors actually celebrate “Troll-o-ween,” and even have their own version of Shakespeare in the Park called Shakespeare at the Troll. This enormous troll statue is probably the most notable of Seattle’s funny troll tradition, so I had to go see it in person. I love quirky installations like this, so it was fun to visit the Troll of Seattle, and I recommend stopping by if you’re in the area!

Fremont Troll

The Wandering Goose

A local casual dining spot, The Wandering Goose is well known for not only it’s bomb brunch, but also their deliciouswanderinggoose desserts! I would have ordered one of everything on the menu if I could, but the fried chicken biscuit and chocolate cake was enough to send me to foodie heaven! I will definitely be back here the next time I’m in Seattle, and the time after that, and the time after that, and the– well, you get the picture.



Pike Place Market

I live exactly 331 feet away from a Ralph’s grocery store, so there’s pretty much no reason for me to visit a market in LA. But when I was planning my trip to Seattle, I knew I’d have to visit Pike Place Market — one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions –and see what all the fuss is about for myself. There is so much to see and do here, including visiting the OG Starbucks, trying out delicious samples in the farmer’s market, and shopping for great souvenirs at the craft market. Definitely check out Pike Place while you’re in Seattle!



Post Alley Gum Wall

Hidden in a tiny alleyway just off of Pike Place Market is the Post Alley Gum Wall, which is exactly what is sounds like- A wall in an alley plastered with guIMG_5166m. Once you get over how disgusting the prospect is of having millions of people’s saliva inches away from you, you can have fun with the wall. Blow a bubble, make gum art, or just come to snap a photo, but don’t miss out on this fun





And there you have it, My recommendations for a short trip to Seattle. I loved it so much that I know I’ll be back to explore even more. So Seattle, I’ll see you real soon!


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