They Can’t Take Away The Light

no one will ever be able to dim the light inside of me

#MexicoCityMamis Pt 1

Hey everyone! I hope you're doing well! I just got back from my first trip of the year and I'm really excited to share this one with you. I went to Mexico City with a few girlfriends and we had the time of our lives! From the moment my girls and I touched down at... Continue Reading →


Well hello's been a while. I took a break from posting on my blog for a number of reasons, but now I'm #backbypopulardemand (OKAY, maybe not by popular demand, but you get the gist). A lot has happened since my last post on here; I've gone through so many changes in both my personal... Continue Reading →

#ExploreMore: Vancouver

Hi everyone, It's time for another segment of my #ExploreMore series! Last weekend I visited Vancouver with my dad and had an amazing time. It was my first time visiting the city so my days were jam-packed with sight-seeing and exploring, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Here's, a look into our... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, This should come as no surprise, but I've been doing a bit of traveling these past few weeks! First, I visited my parents in Atlanta, Georgia, then I headed to New York City for a few days to catch up with some old friends and see some Broadway shows, and most recently I... Continue Reading →

#ExploreMore: Nashville

Hi everyone! After a bit of a hiatus, I am back with another edition of #ExploreMore, and this time I'm taking on the Athens of the South -- Nashville, Tennessee! Last weekend I experienced the opportunity of a lifetime, all thanks to Southwest Airlines. I actually won a sweepstakes, and the grand prize was a trip... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! It's been a hot minute since my last post; as the saying goes, "life got in the way." Since returning from Paris I've still been traveling, including quick trips to Washington DC, Denver, Las Vegas, and most recently New York City. But the biggest update that I have is that I turned 25... Continue Reading →

#PassportToParis (Part 1)

Hi everyone! Ça va bien? Two weeks ago I got to break out my french during a whirlwind four-day trip to Paris. I actually won this trip in a contest if you can believe it! I had the best vacation filled with food, art and culture, and even though I only had a short time... Continue Reading →

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