#PassportToParis (Part 1)

Hi everyone! Ça va bien? Two weeks ago I got to break out my french during a whirlwind four-day trip to Paris. I actually won this trip in a contest if you can believe it! I had the best vacation filled with food, art and culture, and even though I only had a short time... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, Today's post is a little different from my usual blogs. It's way more personal and a bit more serious, but I really felt moved to write it due to recent circumstances that hopefully you'll understand. My uncle Charles passed away earlier this month after a series of strokes, and last weekend I traveled... Continue Reading →

#ExploreMore: London

Hi everyone, In case you didn't know, a couple of weeks ago I hopped the pond and spent some time in one of my favorite cities - London! London holds a very special place in my heart; I first visited the city with my family when I was nine, and it’s also where I studied... Continue Reading →

#ExploreMore: Denver

Hi everyone, It's time for another edition of #ExploreMore with Veesass! Last weekend, I packed up and headed to Denver, Colorado to explore on my own. I am an introvert by nature, so the idea of solo travel has never really seemed strange to me or made me feel uncomfortable. I actually enjoy the idea... Continue Reading →

#ExploreMore: Santa Barbara

Hi Everyone! I hope that everyone had a great weekend, and a great Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I just got back from a weekend getaway in Santa Barbara, California, where my good friend Ruchika and I treated ourselves to the finer things in life. It was a great trip from start to finish, and... Continue Reading →

Top 10: Malaga Edition

Hi everyone! In my last post I talked all about my trip to Lisbon, but that wasn't the only city that I visited when I traveled to Europe over Thanksgiving. I also swung by Málaga, Spain to soak up some sun and check out what this beach town had to offer. I am happy to say... Continue Reading →

#VeesassAbroad City Guide: Lisbon

Hi everyone! As I mentioned in my last post, I recently visited Lisbon, Portugal, and to say I fell in love with this city is the understatement of the year. Simply put, I was blown away by everything about this city! The people, the food, the architecture, the FOOD, the museums and historical sites, and... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones. This Thanksgiving, I really switched it up for myself. For the first time in my entire life, I didn't spend Thanksgiving with my family. Instead, I went on a 10-day vacation to Europe! I flew from LA to Copenhagen to meet... Continue Reading →

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