#BeSpontaneous: Harry Styles Live on Tour

Hi everyone! So this past weekend I did something that I always advocate for, but haven't done myself in a while--being spontaneous! I truly believe that adding a little spontaneity in your life every once in a while is crucial, and that's just what I did when I took a last-minute solo trip to Phoenix... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well, and had a great Memorial Day weekend. I spent the long weekend in Seattle, Washington, exploring a new city with old friends. It was an amazing trip from start to finish, and even though I jam-packed my 72 hours with tons of exploring, I already want to... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the spring weather! While last week it seemed like everyone from Los Angeles was partying at Coachella, I decided to go on an adventure of my own. On a whim, I bought a ticket to Europe, and made a spontaneous trip to Denmark for the Easter Holiday! Keep reading... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! This is my space to write about anything and everything that I feel like, whether it be my musings on pop culture events, fun travel guides, craft DIYs or recipes, album and TV show reviews, or just general updates on my struggle to navigate this crazy thing we call life. I... Continue Reading →

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