#BeSpontaneous: Harry Styles Live on Tour

Hi everyone!

So this past weekend I did something that I always advocate for, but haven’t done myself in a while–being spontaneous! I truly believe that adding a little spontaneity in your life every once in a while is crucial, and that’s just what I did when I took a last-minute solo trip to Phoenix over the weekend to watch two of my favorite performers in concert!

That’s right! This past Saturday I flew to Phoenix for less than 24 hours, just to watch Harry Styles and MUNA perform live in concert…and I REGRET NOTHING.


I should note that I wouldn’t do this for most musicians, but I just so happen to be enormous fans of both MUNA and Harry separately, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them both together on one night! I got the idea for my Phoenix adventure a little over a week ago, and thanks to one amazing friend who was able to help me get a ticket for the sold out show, the Phoenix airport being open 24 hours (YES I slept at the airport #dedication), and of course my penchant for spontaneity,  I made my little day-dream a reality!

I used airline miles to get free flights to and from Phoenix, and only spent around $10 getting to the airport by taking the LAX Fly-Away bus from Union Station. You know I love to #BallOnaBudget, and I can’t advocate enough for using public transportation in order to save coins for what really matters (tour merch).

All the way to the venue I could not stop smiling – I hadn’t even heard one note of the show yet, but I already knew that I’d made the right decision by taking this spur-of-the-moment trip. While most people inside the theater were there with a friend, a parent or a bigger group, I was riding solo and completely okay with it. I mean I was literally on cloud nine (see photo below for evidence).


So let’s get on to the main event shall we? I don’t even really have words to describe what an incredible show MUNA and Harry put on at the Comerica Theatre. I knew that MUNA would be great because I’ve seen them play live before, but Harry truly knocked it out of the park. After that set, as they say on Twitter, I have decided to Stan (okay whatever I already clearly was a stan, but I digress).


There was such a positive, almost tangible energy and warmth in the theater during Harry’s set! Not only did he kill his performance vocally, but the way he commanded the stage, and made everyone in the audience feel safe and free to just be themselves? That’s next level. I think there’s only one other show I’ve ever been to in my life that has made me feel like that, so I know that it’s not an easy feat to accomplish for artists. All the props to Harry for creating such an inclusive and loving environment at his shows. Now more than ever that’s so important in society, and it just made the whole night even more special and inspiring than it already was.

I don’t think I could pick a favorite moment from the show, but I can pinpoint a few highlights: I got the most hype during “Kiwi,” the most emotional during “From the Dining Table,” and obviously I had an out-of-body experience Harry broke out “Stockholm Syndrome” from his 1D days.

It’s been three days since the show, and even though I’m back in LA and back to my regular routine, I’m not sure that I’ve fully recovered (or that I even want to). I am so grateful that I took this opportunity to see Harry and MUNA perform during their North American tour, and 10/10 would do it again in a heartbeat. This entire experience has re-affirmed my belief in the benefits of being spontaneous, and I encourage everyone to embrace spontaneity at least once in a while!

Harry, thank you for an amazing night. Keep rocking on.

Xoxo (or in this case xx),



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