#MexicoCityMamis Pt 2

Hey everyone,

Glad to see you stuck around for Part 2 of my Mexico City adventures! Let’s get into it:

On day three we explored Mexico City’s culinary side with back-to-back culinary Airbnb Experiences. First, we took a cooking class in Colonia Nápoles, where we made guacamole, chicken tinga tostadas, and sweet and savory tamales. The food was great, and we had a great time with our group and our host Tim! Here’s a link to our cooking experience if you want to book for yourself.

After our cooking class, we headed back to the hotel for a nap and a quick change,  and then we were off for our second Airbnb experience of the day, a Mezcal tasting! For obvious reasons I was way more excited about this one than the cooking. 😜

The tasting was located at “El Salon,” a cozy little hideaway tucked inside an unassuming apartment building in Colonia Juarez. Our host Sofia was so nice and personable, and she really knew her stuff! We tried five aged mezcals to compare them to each other, and because the tasting room is so small, the session was very intimate and we got to ask a lot of questions, as well as sneak second shots of our favorites.


Afterwards, our entire tasting group got mole at a small hole in the wall restaurant that was right next door to the mezcal tasting. We were eating and mingling with our group, when out of nowhere the vending machine in the corner of the restaurant opened and a group of people walked out of it. 👀Ruchika, Sungano and I were so confused, and then we got so excited – we were eating on top of a speakeasy!

After finding the bar’s bouncer and begging him to let us in, we entered Hanky Panky and grabbed a few drinks. I LOVE speakeasies, so stumbling on this hidden gem was a highlight of the trip for me. After a quick drink at Hanky Panky, we all headed over to a popular nightclub called Baby. At this point in the night I was seven shots deep and not in the right mindset to deal with a hot sweaty crowd, so I didn’t have as much fun as Baby as I wanted, but overall day three was still a blast!

The next day was our last full day in Mexico City, so we wanted to make sure it was memorable. We started off with a mini-day trip to Xochimilco, a waterfront town about an hour out from the city for a boat ride through the Xochimilco canals. After boarding the colorful trajinera, we busted out the tequila and leftover tamales from our cooking class, and cruised down the canals while sharing stories, laughs and  vowing come back to Mexico City again ASAP. We were having so much fun that we did the same canal route twice just to keep the good times going.

After our little boat party in Xochimilco, we headed to the San Juan food market to try out some local cuisine. The adventurous side of Ruchika and I came out as we sampled cooked grasshoppers at one of the vendor stands 😱. We were jittery before eating them, but they actually didn’t taste bad at all! It was fun trying something new, that’s what traveling is all about right?

IMG_2612After walking around the market and trying a few samples, we headed back into the center of the city, passing through Alameda Central, the oldest park in Mexico City. It was a beautiful day, so everyone was out and about enjoying the weather, and as the kids say, it was a whole vibe. We also stopped to admire the performance hall/museum Palacio de Bellas Artes, which is a stunning building by itself, but I also (obviously) geeked out at Parisian style metro station right next to the building.

After our stop in the park we walked a little further to Plaza Garibaldi and had touristy drinks on the terrace of the Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal while we watched the mariachi bands play below us. The day was winding down, and we’d walked a lot so our feet were tired, but we still had one important stop to make: Churros! Sungano and I headed to the Roma district to grab churros at Churreria El Moro, and afterwards stopped for a nightcap at a cozy bar up the block called Limatour. Finally, after a very long but very fun day we headed back to the hotel.

Our last day in Mexico City meant an early wake up call. Before the sun was even up we were snuck out of the city for one last adventure before heading back to Los Angeles. We took a mini-day trip to the ancient city Teotihuacán. Depending on the traffic it’s about a 45 to 1-hour drive from Mexico City, and is most well known for the massive pyramids, Pyramide del Sol and Pyramide del Luna. Ruchika and I opted out of a guided tour, instead booking a private driver to get us to and from the Pyramides. It sounds super bougie, but it actually made the most sense for us economically and timing-wise; we were able to head out earlier in the day than most tour groups, so when we arrived at the pyramids the grounds were basically empty, kind of like our own private tour! We got our steps in climbing both pyramids, and also wandered through the adjacent ancient temples before heading back to Mexico City.

8D1B5D3C-1E51-40D8-AE23-26FDF8566678Our last and final stop before heading to the airport was to a tiny taco shop near our hotel for our “last supper.” Those street tacos were the perfect send-off for me and the girls, and after a quick and yummy lunch, we reluctantly packed our bags, drove to the airport, and boarded our flight back to LA.

Our girl’s trip to Mexico City was beyond what I could have hoped for. From the food to the history to all of the people we met along the way, this is a severely underrated city, and if you have the chance to go you should!



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