Ladies and gentleman,

The time has finally come! After 13 months of stress, anxiety and just general trauma, I finally received my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and can honestly say that I have never felt relief like this in my entire life.

That one little needle prick was so much more than a vaccine for me. The relief, hope and excitement for the future that I felt was almost foreign to me because it had been so long since I felt any of those emotions.

There are so many things from “before” that I am ecstatic to be able to do again. Hanging out with friends from different households, going to concerts, BRUNCH! But anyone who knows me knows above all else, I am so excited to start traveling again. I have already started brainstorming my dream trips post-pandemic, and I thought I would share them with you all!

Here’s where I’m most excited to visit as I start to travel and plan trips again. Some of them are new destinations, and some are simply oldies but goodies, but all of the locations are well worth visiting, and my fingers are crossed I can travel to as many as I can in the next few years.

10. Ireland – I missed out on my chance of visiting Ireland while I was studying abroad in college, and since then I’ve always had it in my mind to make a trip one day and live out my P.S. I Love You fantasies IRL.

9. Peru – One of my bucket list items is to climb to the top of Machu Pichu in Peru. I may need a bit more training before I can commit to this, but I’m determined to make it happen one day!

8. Willamette Valley, Oregon – Anyone who has taken even a peek at my Instagram knows the deep love I have for wine. I have visited Wine Country in California more times than I can remember, and now I want to branch out to more wine regions, starting off with the Willamette Valley in Oregon!

7. Alaska – I have never been particularly interested in visiting the great outdoorsy state of Alaska until I was trapped indoors for weeks straight as I tried to do my part to #stopthespread. And while I will always be a City Girl at heart, I have a much greater appreciation for nature and the outdoors since Covid kept me inside.

6. Iceland – I visited Reykjavik in 2019 during one of my last international trips before the pandemic and I had a blast! It was my first time ever seeing Northern Lights in person, and I promised myself that I would return to Iceland to explore even more of this beautiful country because I loved it so much.

5. New York City – I used to visit New York two or three times a year pre-pandemic, and I am itching to get back ASAP. I cannot wait until Broadway re-opens and I can go see a musical in the theater again.

4. Costa Rica – This is a country that was never really on my radar until recently, but I’ve been really interested in Costa Rica after watching a Down To Earth episode on it’s commitment to sustainability and conscious travel.

3. Tokyo – I have always pushed Tokyo off because I know that I will be so overwhelmed by trying to pack as much in as possible. I’m finally just going to take the leap and plan out a big trip in the next year or two, because

2. South Africa – I have had to push this dream trip back multiple times, and it hurts worse every time. Another big bucket list travel item that I have always dreamed about it going on a South African safari, so my fingers are crossed that I get to experience one first-hand sometime soon!

1. Paris Of course, the city that has my heart tops the list of places I can’t wait to return to. I love everything about Paris so much that I already know I will cry when I finally get to return and go to all of my favorite restaurants and see my French friends again. It’s Veesass in Paris or bust! #EmilyWho?

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