#ExploreMore: Santa Barbara

Hi Everyone!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend, and a great Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I just got back from a weekend getaway in Santa Barbara, California, where my good friend Ruchika and I treated ourselves to the finer things in life. It was a great trip from start to finish, and I can’t wait to share the highlights with you.

Getting there:

The week before our trip, the mudslides devastated the Montecito area (very close to SB), and ended up causing such heavy road closures that we actually thought about canceling our trip. However, the Amtrak opened up on Saturday morning, so we opted for a scenic train ride from LA to Santa Barbara, and avoided the traffic altogether!

Note about the Amtrak: it is VERY PROMPT. So prompt in fact that I had to sprint to the track to make it on time, and the minute I sat down the train starting moving (YES my olympic sprint could have been avoided if I’d gotten there earlier, but let’s not dwell on my flaws ok?)

The “Suite” Life

Ruchika and I stayed at the Inn by the Harbor, a cute little hotel right by the waterfront, and it was absolutely lovely! This hotel is the perfect place for a weekend getaway, with spacious rooms that include both a kitchen and a patio. Amenities included use of the outdoor pool, free breakfast in the morning, wine and cheese during happy hour, cookies and milk in the evening, and free bike rentals! We obviously took advantage of everything, because you know I can never say no to free food (and wine let’s be honest).

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And if the hotel wasn’t already great enough, shortly after checking in, concierge delivered a bottle of sparkling wine to our room to welcome us to the city. Needless to say, if I highly recommend the Inn By the Harbor to anyone who’s looking for an affordable hotel in Santa Barbara!

The Eats  

We found some really great spots to eat while we were in Santa Barbara! For lunch we chowed down on paratha tacos from Goa Taco, and obviously I had no choice but to chase my tacos with ice cream from McConnell’s Ice Creamery, which is conveniently located just down the street from Goa Taco.

For dinner we dined on delicious pizzas from Olio Crudo Bar & Pizzeria, which basically put me in a food coma, but I have #noregrets.

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Treat Yo’ Self

Since the point of this weekend getaway was relaxation and self-care, Ruchika and I indulged in some luxury spa treatments to help us feel refreshed and re-energized. First we received massages from the 805 Massage Company on State Street, and then we descended into the Salt Cave Santa Barbara for a meditation session. The massages were ok, but I really enjoyed the meditation session more than I thought that I would.

After settling into my lounge chair with a blanket, I drifted into a peaceful, meditation state, and when I left I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. Who would have guessed that fresh salt air was all I needed to feel reboot my system? If you’re ever in the Santa Barbara area, you’ve got to experience the Salt Cave for yourself.

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All in all, I had a great weekend in Santa Barbara. Even though it’s only a few hours by car (or train!) from Los Angeles, it really did feel like an escape from the “big city” energy that LA is known for. Experiencing what Santa Barbara has to offer was a great way to start off my #ExploreMore series, and I can’t wait to show you where I go next.




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