Hi everyone,

This should come as no surprise, but I’ve been doing a bit of traveling these past few weeks! First, I visited my parents in Atlanta, Georgia, then I headed to New York City for a few days to catch up with some old friends and see some Broadway shows, and most recently I returned from a hiking trip this weekend. To answer everyone’s first question, YES I do outdoorsy things sometimes! I may be a city girl at heart, but every once in a while I surprise myself by doing something out of character, like hiking up a mountain for example.

My friend Melia and I joined a group of hikers from the Wildland Trekking Group for a 3-day hiking trip in the Olympic National Park in Washington. Our home base was the Lake Crescent Lodge in Port Angeles, and I cannot say enough good things about the accommodations. The lodge was so charming, had great food, drinks and, as the name would suggest, a gorgeous lake where you could swim, canoe, or just lounge by the dock.

Now again, I’m not the world’s best hiker, so for me it wasn’t about how quickly I could get to the top; Getting to the top itself that was the real feat for me. The first day of the tour we embarked on a 5-mile hike to Hurricane Ridge. The view from the top was so beautiful, I was just in awe of what I was looking at. I couldn’t stop smiling!

The second day of the trip our group hiked to Shi Shi Beach, where Melia and I waded through the muddy trail that opened up to the sandy beach and black rock cliffs.

For our third and final day of the trip, our group hiked through the Hoh Rain Forest. This was the easiest trail of the three hikes, but it was also the most serene. Our guide had us spend 15 minutes silently meditating, and even though I normally hate being alone with my thoughts, it was really peaceful just sitting and not thinking about anything – just totally clearing my mind for a minute was exactly what I needed.  

Going on this hiking trip may have seemed out of character for me, but I really did have a great time getting away from the city and into the wilderness for a long weekend. The trip reminded me how important it is to get out of your comfort zone, and how beautiful the world can be if you just take a moment to look around every once in a while.

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