Well hello there….it’s been a while.

I took a break from posting on my blog for a number of reasons, but now I’m #backbypopulardemand (OKAY, maybe not by popular demand, but you get the gist).

A lot has happened since my last post on here; I’ve gone through so many changes in both my personal and professional life, and unfortunately the blog fell by the wayside as a result of everything else I was dealing with.

But just because I didn’t write about it doesn’t mean I didn’t travel.

In fact, in 2019 I had some of the greatest travel experiences I’ve had in my life, including celebrating “Anti-Valentine’s Day” with my girlfriends in Hawaii, taking a spontaneous long weekend in Paris, and checking off some bucket-list goals by seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland and attending Oktoberfest in Munich!

In between those major highlights, I also took some smaller stateside trips to Palm Springs, New York City, Austin, Portland, Detroit and Buffalo. These trips were all so fun, and also great examples of more affordable vacation options for my #ballinonabudget comrades.


As 2019 came to an end, I took one final solo trip to Mexico to reflect on both the past year and the past decade as a whole. In the last ten years I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. From creating amazing bonds with lifelong friends as well as making strides in my career, to suffering through heartbreak and loss and feeling insecure in my mind and body, I’ve been through it all. Luckily for me, I’ve learned and grown from every experience, and because of that I ended last year grateful for this wild and crazy life I live.

And then of course there was the travel.


Travel has obviously played a significant part of my life this past decade, and I know it will play as big of a role (if not bigger) this year and for years to come. I am so thankful for all that travel has given me; my passion for adventure, my curiosity and appreciation of different cultures, and most of all, the connections I’ve made with so many people who have changed my life for the better. To put it simply, travel is what makes me me.

My number one resolution for 2020 is to “Go For It.” I’ve realized that life is too short to wait around for things to be handed to me, so this year I am taking matters into my own hands. I’m so excited to try new things, go after exactly what I want, and pursue my dreams and goals head-first. 2020, bring it on.

xoxo, Veesass

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